Launch of the Dementia Live Education Series in Local Libraries

We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of our education series on dementia, aptly named “Dementia Live,” held in local libraries. Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed an overwhelming response from the community, with sessions reaching full capacity and attendees providing emotionally encouraging feedback.

The “Dementia Live” Experience

The cornerstone of this series is the innovative “Dementia Live” program. This unique initiative is designed to offer a profound understanding of the realities of living with dementia, aiming to educate community members and foster empathy and practical skills.

Simulation Experience

A key highlight of the program is the Simulation Experience. Participants are equipped with a gear pack that includes special glasses and headphones. These tools simulate the sensory impairments caused by dementia, providing a firsthand experience of the challenges faced by individuals with the condition. Guided through various tasks, attendees gain invaluable insights into the daily struggles and frustrations that accompany dementia.

Strategy Session

Following the simulation, the program transitions into a Strategy Session. This conversational presentation focuses on practical, actionable strategies to enhance communication and interaction with those suffering from dementia. Key topics covered include:

Visual Support: Using visual cues to aid understanding and communication.

Offering Choices: Empowering individuals with dementia by providing manageable choices.

Understanding Emotions: Recognizing and responding to the emotional needs of those with dementia.

Fostering Connection: Building meaningful human connections to improve the quality of life for individuals with dementia.

Community Impact

The feedback from our first session, held at the Madeira Library, has been overwhelmingly positive. Attendees were highly engaged, posing meaningful questions and expressing deep appreciation for the insights and practical advice provided. Here are a few highlights from the feedback we received:

Engagement: Participants were deeply involved throughout the session, showing keen interest and curiosity.

Practical Insights: The strategies shared were seen as highly valuable, with attendees eager to implement them in their interactions with loved ones affected by dementia.

Emotional Connection: Many attendees expressed how the simulation helped them empathize with the experiences of those living with dementia, fostering a deeper emotional connection.

Looking Ahead

The success of our initial sessions has inspired us to expand the “Dementia Live” series to more libraries and community centers. We are committed to continuing this vital education initiative, ensuring more people have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of dementia and learn how to better support those affected by it.

Thank you to everyone who has participated and supported this program. Your involvement is crucial in building a more informed and compassionate community.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming sessions and additional resources:

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those living with dementia and their families. Are you interested in hosting this program in your community space?
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