Is hospice a place?

Many people think of hospice as a physical building you go to when you are nearing the end of your life. But hospice is not a place, even though there are hospice care centers around the country that specialize in end-of-life care. Hospice care most often takes place in the home or in a place that is currently home, such as an assisted living facility, skilled nursing center or long-term care community. While hospice care is typically reserved for the last six months of life, it can extend beyond that timeframe. Rather than a cure, hospice focuses on comfort and improving the quality of life.

In-home hospice care

Hospice providers offer care in private homes, allowing those receiving care to continue living in a familiar place. The goal is to keep patients comfortable and relaxed. Under routine in-home care, patients receive a customized care plan and regular visits from their hospice care team. This can include visits from nurses, home health aides, chaplains and volunteers, but is unique to the needs of each person. The care team assists with a variety of home care needs, including:

  • Help with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing and grooming
  • Equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, portable oxygen and hospital beds
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Medication management
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Wound care
  • Emotional and spiritual support

A member of the hospice team will go to the house several times per week to check in, but if a higher level of care is needed, the hospice team will provide care around the clock.You can rest easily knowing symptoms and pain will be managed and kept under control.

The benefits of hospice care

Hospice care is often misunderstood. It’s a specialized type of care that provides comfort for patients and their families. Typically, family caregivers partner with a hospice care team to determine which services the patient needs most. Hospice patients typically benefit from:

  • A dedicated interdisciplinary team of medical staff and volunteers
  • A personalized care plan
  • A sense of dignity
  • Respect for final wishes
  • Family counseling
  • Reduced medical expenses
  • Access to professional support, 24/7, including weekends and holidays
  • Continued care in a familiar environment such as the comfort of your own home

Hospice care in your home from Hospice of Southwest Ohio

Hospice of Southwest Ohio provides in-home hospice care, as well as palliative care and in-home primary care, in and around the greater Cincinnati area in Clermont County, Butler County, Warren County and Hamilton County.

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