Why Physicians and Families Can Trust Hospice of Southwest Ohio

When a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, many families may not know where to start and may miss a critical window to enroll in hospice care. Far too often, referrals for hospice care are made too late, before a patient and family can benefit from the services hospice actually has to offer. While the transition to hospice care can be a confusing time for patients and their families, we’re here to help. The sooner a patient is referred, the better.

At Hospice of Southwest Ohio, we aim to make the hospice referral process seamless for providers and easy to understand for patients.

How to Tell if it’s Time for Hospice Care

Hospice aims to provide comfort care, not curative treatment, for those diagnosed with an incurable illness.

An individual or their family can request an evaluation for hospice care at any point. However, in most cases, to be eligible for hospice care, a physician must certify a prognosis of 6 months or less. Patients can also receive care for longer than 6 months if they continue to meet criteria.

Selecting a hospice provider is incredibly important. For families, they want to know that their loved one will receive the best possible care. For providers, they want to ensure that there is no interruption in their patient’s continuity of care and that the transition process is seamless for everyone.

Ultimately, the decision to seek out hospice care is up to patients and their families, but many providers will make a referral to specific care centers that they know and trust.

“When recommending a hospice provider, I look for an agency that has a good reputation, provides quality care to patients and communicates well with family. I feel it’s important for families and patients to feel comfortable with staff and caregivers especially during the end of life. Hospice of Southwest Ohio provides excellent care to patients and are easily accessible when needed to talk and discuss care plans with staff. Hospice of Southwest Ohio goes above and beyond with all involved.  It is a pleasure working with Hospice of Southwest Ohio at Brookwood.” – Amy Goodman Social Services, Brookwood Retirement Community

The Hospice Referral Process

When it comes time to make a referral to a hospice agency, the process itself should be simple:

  1. Before a referral to hospice is made, it’s important to have an end-of-life conversation. This can help set expectations and final wishes between patients, families, and care providers. We provide several resources for advance care planning and having tough conversations.
  2. Confirm that a patient is eligible for hospice care. We have general guidelines for eligibility, as well as disease-specific guidelines.  Find education and eligibility guidelines in our resource center.
  3. Make a referral. Our goal at Hospice of Southwest Ohio is to make hospice referrals easy and secure, whether online or by phone. Choose the method that works best for you: our online Make A Referral form or by calling us at (513) 271-4796.

When it comes to making choices regarding hospice care, time is of the essence. Our rapid response team is dedicated to providing swift, efficient support to those in need — that’s why we’re available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to answer cost and insurance questions, hospice qualification questions, and handle physician referrals. At Hospice of Southwest Ohio, we do more than just hospice care. We help patients and their families make the most of their time.

Trust and Compassion With Your Hometown Hospice Provider

At Hospice of Southwest Ohio, we’re proud to be your hometown hospice choice. We have an amazing team of professionals who are passionate about delivering high-quality, compassionate care every day. Hospice of Southwest Ohio offers hospice, palliative and in-home primary care in and around the greater Cincinnati area in Clermont County, Butler County, Warren County, Hamilton County, Greene County, and Montgomery County. Call today at (513) 770-0820.

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