Hospice care wherever you call home

Hospice care in healthcare, assisted living and skilled nursing centers

Hospice of Southwest Ohio provides care in a number of healthcare facilities, allowing your loved one to stay in the safest and most comfortable space possible. Our goal is to keep patients in a relaxed and safe environment — and sometimes this means a nursing home, hospital or assisted living care facility.

My loved one is too sick to move. Can they receive hospice in a hospital?

Yes! Our team has the ability to service patients in all of Southwest Ohio’s largest hospital systems while they are having symptoms so they can stay in place until they are comfortable. In many cases, the patient may not be well enough to transport to another location to receive hospice care. 

My loved one wants to stay in their skilled nursing home. Can they receive hospice there?

Yes! Many people don’t want to leave their friends and community they’ve been a part of for months, or even years. And they don’t have to. Hospice of Southwest Ohio offers care right in your long-term facility or nursing home, so patients can stay where they’re comfortable.

How do I pay for hospice care in a healthcare center?

Wherever the patient decides to have hospice care, most private insurance companies and Medicare cover the cost — however it will depend on the individual’s plan.

The majority of hospice patients incur no out-of-pocket costs for medical equipment, supplies and services related to the terminal illness. If the patient doesn’t have adequate coverage, our team will help figure out what options exist.

Is the level of care different from the Care Center?

No. Your loved one will have the same quality, professional care from our qualified team. In addition, the patient can continue receiving care from their primary physician — something not all hospice providers offer. Primary physicians and hospice caregivers work together, and typically the hospice team will visit on an as-needed basis to check on the patient’s status and ensure they continue experiencing relief from symptoms. 

What are the benefits of hospice in a healthcare facility?

With Hospice of Southwest Ohio, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Continued care in the safe environment of a healthcare facility, whether it be a hospital, long-term care facility or nursing home
  • A personalized care plan based on your specific needs
  • Access to professional support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We’re located in Southwest Ohio, and provide hospice care in healthcare centers in and around Cincinnati in the following counties:

  • Clermont
  • Butler
  • Warren
  • Hamilton
  • Greene
  • Montgomery

Ready to talk about hospice care for you or a loved one?

The Hospice of Southwest Ohio team is here to help answer any questions or concerns you may have about hospice care in a healthcare center.

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