Their Legacy Lives On

Their Legacy Lives On

Our Mission:
We celebrate life and honor legacies.

At the heart of our mission is a dedication to educating the public, families, and patients about the profound importance of hospice care and the end-of-life process. Our belief is rooted in the idea that every individual’s story is a tapestry of experiences, relationships, and cherished moments. We strive to provide compassionate support and comprehensive resources that not only enhance the quality of life for patients but also empower families to navigate this journey with grace and dignity. With our tagline, “Their Legacy Lives On,” we emphasize the enduring impact and significance of each person’s life, ensuring that our focus remains steadfast on preserving and celebrating the richness of their existence.

Join us as we embrace the essence of life, cherish memories, and honor the legacies that continue to inspire us all.

In The Community

Stay connected with our vibrant presence in the local area. Follow us as we participate in community events, share our stories of giving back, and highlight opportunities for involvement. Whether it’s lending a helping hand at events or joining us in our outreach efforts, there are countless ways to be a part of our mission. Together, let’s make a positive impact and foster a stronger, more compassionate community.

Volunteer Spotlight

Discover the heartwarming stories of our volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time, compassion, and energy to our cause. Each month, we shine a spotlight on these extraordinary individuals, celebrating their remarkable contributions to Hospice of Southwest Ohio. Join us in honoring these unsung heroes who embody the true spirit of giving and make a profound difference in the lives of those we serve.


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Dive into our Resources section for valuable information, interactive quizzes, and opportunities to learn more about Hospice of Southwest Ohio. Whether you’re seeking knowledge about hospice care, looking to get involved, or eager to support our mission, you’ll find a wealth of resources here to guide you.

Meet Maria

The heartbeat of the mission of Hospice of Southwest Ohio is Our People. Our Patients’ health: physical, emotional and mental. Our patients’ families and care givers. Our care providers. Our volunteers. Our community where we serve, work and live.

As we look toward the future for the Hospice of Southwest Ohio Foundation, we are dedicated to educating the public, families, and patients about the profound importance of hospice care and the end-of-life process, building a foundation of deeper understanding and empathy.

Coming into the role of Director of Foundation Development and Volunteer Services, I look forward to guiding the growth of our mission and welcoming you into this journey. Thank you for being a part of the Hospice of Southwest Ohio family.

With a Full Heart,
Maria Lees-Dunlap

Volunteer Spotlight: Paula Schumm

Paula began volunteering with Hospice of Southwest Ohio in January of 2017 after moving from West Central Ohio. Paula has a passion for music and is dedicated to finding the right song for each patient she visits with.  She shares:

“When we lived near Lima, Ohio, I was a freelance musician.  I played in schools, at preschools, churches, banquets, hospitals, and nursing homes.  I soon fell in love with playing for hospice patients, and when my husband’s job brought us to Cincinnati, I knew I wanted to focus on hospice and memory care.  My mother had Alzheimer’s disease, and I saw with her and others, how a connection can be made with music.  The memory of Mom keeps me committed to volunteering at HSWO.”

Paula even utilizes the skills and help of her husband, Herb, to create all her instruments! They are truly a dynamic duo!

Paula and Herb enjoy traveling every opportunity they have. Once Paula returns from a trip, she scrapbooks all the memories. Paula bikes every chance she gets to stay active.

To read more about Paula’s adventures volunteering, traveling and making music, visit her website:

How Do I Volunteer?

Would you be interested in making a difference by becoming a hospice volunteer?

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